The focus of the project DynaCon is the solution of inverse multibody dynamics problems, intended as optimal control problems or parameter identifications for dynamical systems governed by differential-algebraic equations. Instead of the inefficient gradient computation from direct transcription, the adjoint method is persued, which is orders of magnitude more efficient.

The scientific goal of the project is to define an innovative strategy for the solution of inverse multibody dynamic problems which possesses the characteristics of generality, robustness, accuracy and the possibility to embed the advantages in the field of multibody dynamics research. Of particular importance is the time- and memory-efficiency of the underlying numerical method concerning practical applicability in general purpose industrial level computations. Using the adjoint method, derivatives of the underlying mathematical formulation can be computed efficiently, even for large three dimensional simulations with millions of control parameters.

The project combines innovative aspects from numerical mathematics in the context of inverse dynamics and time integration with pioneering ideas from the research field of multibody dynamics.

DynaCon uses the free multibody simulation software FreeDyn for research purpose and one of the future goals is to provide an inverse dynamics toolbox within FreeDyn in order to enlarge its functionality.

Karin Nachbagauer is one of the main developer of FreeDyn and the project leader of the project Dynacon – The Embedding of the Adjoint Method in Mutlibody Dynamics and acknowledges support from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): T733-N30.