What is New?

Time Motion
A body can be moved along a prescribed path depending on time considered as a holonomic constraint equation.
External Subroutine
A special force element, which is still not available in FreeDyn, can be implemented in a C++ library and included in the simulation.
Curvilinear Coordinate Measure
The position of a vehicle (e.g. its center of mass) can be expressed by curvilinear coordinates, describing the arc lengths of the closest point on the lane centerline and the normal distance from it.

What is FreeDyn?

FreeDyn is a free simulation software designed for solving challenging scientific and industrial problems in multibody dynamics with systems consisting of flexible bodies. It serves as an easy-to-use software tool for modeling mechanical systems including rigid as well as flexible bodies connected by joints and constraints. The geometry can either be imported from a CAD system or designed in FreeDyn from scratch. FreeDyn solves the equations for dynamic simulations and offers an advanced visualization of solutions by graphs, plots and animations.

Possible Cooperations:

– Multibody Dynamic Simulations
– Customization of FreeDyn
– Parameter Identification and Optimal Control Problems of Mechatronic Systems
– Solutions to Very Specific Problems of Mechatronic Systems

Why choosing a multibody tool?

A large amount of the CPU costs in the simulation of a multibody system is appropriated for effects like contact, friction or nonlinear elasticity. However, a combination of multibody system modeling and finite element software which accounts also for all these nonlinear effects is a powerful tool for all product milestones, like design, testing, prototyping and final developing for all kinds of machines and tools.