Cooming soon:

FreeDyn-Driver model
A Driver model has been implemented in Matlab yet. The control law is based on a PD-Controller and a path planning strategy. Although the controller is implemented in Matlab via the FreeDyn C-Interface, the computation time is nearly real-time capable. In order to further reduce the computation time, it is planned to implement the PD-Controller in an additional C++ library.
Tire (Magic-Formula)
A tire model can be used in FreeDyn based on the (Pacejka) magic formulas. Note, that this plug-in is not available in the free version of FreeDyn.
External Subroutine
The external subroutine is extended by forces and torques acting between two bodies.
FreeDyn C-Interface
The completely redisigend FreeDyn C-Interface allows for easy use. For example a control law can be implemented in Matlab and applied to the FreeDyn model via the interface.

What is FreeDyn?

FreeDyn is a free simulation software designed for solving challenging scientific and industrial problems in multibody dynamics with systems consisting of flexible bodies. It serves as an easy-to-use software tool for modeling mechanical systems including rigid as well as flexible bodies connected by joints and constraints. The geometry can either be imported from a CAD system or designed in FreeDyn from scratch. FreeDyn solves the equations for dynamic simulations and offers an advanced visualization of solutions by graphs, plots and animations.

Possible Cooperations:

– Multibody Dynamic Simulations
– Customization of FreeDyn
– Parameter Identification and Optimal Control Problems of Mechatronic Systems
– Solutions to Very Specific Problems of Mechatronic Systems

Why choosing a multibody tool?

A large amount of the CPU costs in the simulation of a multibody system is appropriated for effects like contact, friction or nonlinear elasticity. However, a combination of multibody system modeling and finite element software which accounts also for all these nonlinear effects is a powerful tool for all product milestones, like design, testing, prototyping and final developing for all kinds of machines and tools.