Download current release (19.6)

About FreeDyn API

FreeDyn API was developed during the project PROTOFRAME. It is an C-interface between the free multibody simulation code FreeDyn and Scilab or MATLAB.

How to use FreeDyn?

  1. Download FreeDyn API 19.6
  2. Extract it into your directory X:\WhateverYouWant\ (avoid spaces)
  3. The available access functions are contained in the h-file in: X:\WhateverYouWant\FreeDyn2ScilabAndMatlab_2019_06\dll_include
  4. In case Scilab or MATLAB is installed on your computer, you can study the examples located in the demo Folder.
    • Please consider that paths may be different in your filesystem. Update the path to the DLL and the path to the model